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Andie MacDowell was born in April 21, 1958 in Gaffney, South Carolina, USA as Rosalie Anderson MacDowell. She was the youngest of four daughters. When she was six her parents divorced and depression drove her mother to alcoholism.
"When I was young, my parents divorced. My mom was lonely and depressed. She tried to make up for the absence of our father with presents."
In 1978 Andie dropped out of Winthrop College, moved to New York and was signed by Elite Model Management. She was L'Oreal's exclusive model for several years until 1989 in the US, and continued modeling until 1990. Andie says she won't do modeling work again, though she still represents L'Oreal in Europe. "That's not modeling." In 1982 her mother died of a heart-attack (at 53).
"I believe my mother is still involved in my life. I lost her when I was 23. It was a huge loss for me because we had become very close. I am convinced that all the great things that happened in my life have come to me through her angelic intercession."
In 1984 Andie met Paul Qualley during a GAP fashion shoot, and in 1986 she married him.
"Paul is the most romantic man a woman could ask for."
She made her acting debut in 'Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes' (1984),-"Temporarily, it gave a lot of people something to laugh at" but in general, excellent movie 'sex, lies and videotape' (1989) is considered to be the real start of her actress career. Andie has had many opportunities to show her great talent ever since. The way she acted for example in 'Unstrung Heroes', 'Green Card' or in mentioned 'sex, lies and videotape' is really wonderful, and in my opinion there is not another actress who can do it this way.

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